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deviation in storage by Zaphk
I appreciate good poetry and I appreciate a sexy body, I appreciate clear, abstract, playful, elegant, amazing and awesome digital art and fine pencil lines, because really, isn't that why we're here?




An aspirin
Washed down with a
Stale cup if coffee
From last night
Maybe a snickers
If I have the time.

Finishing of that
Pack of smokes
All half done,
And fully told,
A glass of wine
Would hit right home.

Instant meal
Insatiable need
I break out the beers
Too many,
Too strong
It's been too long.

Nothing but contemplation.
I wish I could remember
How you had my tea
What food used to be
And how I lived with myself
Before I didn't have to.
You won't acknowledge me.
You won't talk to me.
You won't trust me.

And I've done enough.
To earn all this scorn
(and more)

And I have no defense,
But to laugh it all away.
(haha, I'm great)

I give in to the joke,
Won't you laugh along?
(with me)

I will laugh at myself.
I will tell my jokes to the silence.
I will do this now that there's nothing less.
Defense Mechanism
Everything's a joke
nothing is sacred
and so what if someone's offended?
and I say that I can manage on my own
but what I really mean to say
is that I miss every single one of you
I just miss much slower than slow
and when I finally realize
I've all on my own
isn't it ironic?
us "Lone-Wolves"
aren't really predators at all
but we keenly feel
that no one has ever "cried wolf" at us
and so we'll always come
even if it's just a sheep.
Hunting Company
just an(other) introvert
stalking around
looking for a partner (in crime)
will you be mine?
We've got our natural addictions
pheromones and dopamine
it's so much cheaper
than the drugs and alcohol
and it's without the fallout
I could never handle it anyway
now I've got nothing but highs
the lows have been counted down

and I've had to reconcile with the fact
that I'll forever
find your hairs on my floor
and your smell is stuck on my bed
so I induce it
to numb the strain
Just an alternative distraction
intoxication can get you quite far

I like being right
but I prefer alive
I love being your wrong
so come and soothe my pain
just two bodies in the dark

I'm not yours
and you're not mine
We're just us
but we're agreeing
hunting the next hormone rush
Adrenaline to carry me
Serotonin to keep me well
Lead me through this inebriated state
when vodka is cheaper than milk
the tango is cheaper still.


Albin Myhrman
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Attention Whoring, Emo, Poet, Intellectual, Radical Atheist, Liberal Socialist, Longing, Wishing and Missing and maybe a little Shy, but once you get to know me... I like to imagine I can be quite fun.

Ask me anything, and I'll tell you why, what, when or where; the answers are there for you to claim, so be careful what you ask, if you don't wanna know, don't question, for I'm honest to a fault.
So I read the latest journal by my good friend :iconthesekrimzonflames: and from it I decided that I'm gonna stop lurking, and start trying to interact again, how else am I gonna find anyone to read my prose and break my writers block, eh?

I would write a thousand paragraphs more on the subject, but you people who this applies to, might not read this, but you'll sure know of its repercussions soon enough, and that's good enough for me.
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  • Playing: Borderlands 2, Civ V, LoL and HoN
  • Eating: Pasta-Pesto with Parmesan.
  • Drinking: Tea, lots of it.

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